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#MSBuild2017 – Compilação de vídeos


Olá pessoal,

Esta semana eu estava separando alguns vídeos referentes ao Build para assistir e ficar em dia com as novidades e resolvi por fazer um grande “compiladão” de alguns vídeos relacionados a Azure separados por dia.

No último bloco ainda incluí os vídeos referentes a Cognitive Services & Bots.

Vale apenas ressaltar que eu não incluí todos os vídeos do evento em minha lista, sendo assim aquela visitinha no Channel 9 com uma refinada na pesquisa sempre é válida! 🙂

### Dia 0 ###
– Build a CI/CD pipeline from Microsoft Azure Portal:
– Get my ASP.NET 4 app running in containers in Azure:
– A lap around R Tools 1.0 for Visual Studio 2017:
– Azure DevTest Labs updates:
– Lambda Architecture for Connected Car Fleet Management:
– Azure Cosmos DB: Build planet scale mobile apps in minutes:
– Azure Cosmos DB: API for MongoDB:
– Migrating your Oracle databases to cloud made easy:
– Get to the cloud faster with Azure SQLDB Managed Instance and Database Migration Service:
– Evolving SQL workloads from software to SaaS: Data for devs immersion:

### Dia 1 ###
– Azure Cloud Shell:
– Azure IoT Edge:
– Azure Functions:
– Azure Database for PostgreSQL and MySQL:
– NodeSource N|Solid runtime on Microsoft Azure:
– Azure Commandline Interface: Power of automation scripts in a truly cross-platform way:
– How to run massively scaling mobile games on Microsoft Azure:
– Reimagine what is possible with your videos using state-of-the-art AI technologies:
– Azure Compute: New features and roadmap:
– Learn how ASOS built its ecommerce platform using microservices on Microsoft Azure and had…:
– Connected intelligent things with Windows IoT Core and Azure IoT:
– Azure networking for developers:
– Design Patterns for SaaS applications on Azure SQL Database:
– Accelerate setting up your DevOps environment using Azure Marketplace:
– How to migrate your databases to the cloud and future-proof your applications:
– How to get started with the new Azure DBMS for MySQL:

### Dia 2 ###
– Azure Cosmos DB: NoSQL capabilities everyone should know about:
– Azure Resource Manager templates: Life after (first) deployment:
– Inside the Microsoft FPGA-based configurable cloud:
– Create a more collaborative workplace with Microsoft Stream: A new enterprise video…:
– Hollywood blockbusters to financial modelling: Using Azure Batch for large-scale Compute:
– Design for serverless success on Microsoft Azure:
– How to build global-scale applications with Microsoft Azure SQL Database:
– Azure Container Service for your cloud native, data intensive, or modernization needs:
– Azure SQL Database: Intelligent databases in action:
– The keys to the cloud: Use Microsoft identities to sign in and access API from your mobile…:

### Dia 3 ###
– What’s new with the Microsoft Bot Framework:
– Configure, control, and manage IoT devices from the cloud:
– Blockchain on Azure:
– A day in the life of an Azure serverless developer:
– How to build serverless business applications with Azure Functions and Logic Apps for…:
– Build applications in Microsoft Azure to deploy to any Azure Stack cloud:
– How to build in-app analytics with Azure Data Services, an Xbox case study:

### Extra – Cognitive Services & Bots ###
– Bot Analytics Dashboard:
– Bot <-> Human Handoff:
– Creating FAQ bots with QnA Maker:
– Dialog management in Bot Framework:
– Designing conversational UI for bots (and humans):
– How your applications can benefit from AI using Bing APIs on Microsoft Cognitive Services:
– Contextual decisions for you:
– Supercharge your business with the power of AI:
– Chat bots on
– Use the power of Video AI in your apps with Video Indexer:
– Bot capabilities, patterns and principles:
– Computer vision made easy: From pre-trained models to Custom Vision, Microsoft Cognitive…:
– How to run AI at Petabyte Scale with cognitive functions in the Azure Data Lake:
– How Microsoft Cognitive Services can help your apps communicate with people:
– Build intelligence into your business apps with ease using Bing APIs in Microsoft…:
– Using Microsoft Cognitive Services to bring the power of speech recognition to your apps:
– Use Bing and Microsoft Cognitive Services to create unique domain and site search:
– Custom Vision from Cognitive Services: easily build a custom image classifier:


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